Chicago Lawn Branch: Day 22

This past year I found myself sitting between book stacks of the great literary giants of the past; I found myself sitting at tables with youth browsing science and engineering books imagining a bright future of creativity and progress; and I found myself sitting among a cross section of the people of Chicago. Furthermore, as I visited branches from around the city I learned about the history and values of Chicago. I learned about labor. I learned about race. I learned about language. I learned about conquest, struggle, and resilience.


Clearing Branch: Day 21

Well, I got to say, I haven't really been to Clearing before. Actually, I didn't know Chicago still existed this far west of Midway. I used to spend a lot of time in Summit, which is the suburb directly to the west, but I must have always just passed by Clearing. Clearing is one of … Continue reading Clearing Branch: Day 21

Canaryville Branch: Day 19

The library, as with the neighborhoods, demonstrate a clash in values and histories. Ironically, as the books on the shelves hold thousands of stories, the people in the library live them.

West Town Branch: Day 15, Part 2

I came in at 1:05 pm, so all of the teens were in school. I guess I didn't know what I was getting into, though, when I sat at a table and started writing. There were about 6 or 7 other people scattered in my area, all working on laptops or reading (one guy was napping). At 1:15, the teens started coming in.

Logan Square Branch: Day 14

So, given that this area is experiencing such dramatic changes, I was interested to see the library. The architecture is what I have come to expect from Daley-era libraries—open space with a raised ceiling in the middle.